If you manage a WorkSpaces fleet, you know that using WorkSpaces’ native tools can be time consuming and complex – particularly if you have a large user base. That’s why we’ve created CLICK, an EUC-focused WorkSpaces management platform that solves common problems and makes it easier for companies to maintain and manage their WorkSpaces. Read on to learn more about how CLICK turns EUC management from cumbersome to easy – and dare we say fun? 

The Benefits of Managing WorkSpaces With CLICK

    1. Easily Access All WorkSpaces in One Location
      One of the common challenges when it comes to managing your WorkSpaces fleet is an inability to access WorkSpaces across all accounts and regions using native tools. The limited view offered on the native platform makes it time-consuming and complicated to make changes to more than one WorkSpace at a time, or to search for users across accounts.CLICK compiles all your WorkSpaces, from all accounts, in one easy-to-navigate platform, so you can more easily optimize performance across accounts. CLICK also allows you to view more than 10 WorkSpaces at a time, making it easier to make minor changes to a large number of users at one time. And improved search across accounts means that finding users – for example, to provide technical support – is faster and simpler.


    1. Bundle Maintenance Using Personas
      When it comes to maintenance and patching, CLICK simplifies the process using personas.With CLICK, you can create multiple segmented groups of users, or personas. These personas allow you to update all user accounts with similar features at one time – for example, you can update the WorkSpaces of all the accountants in your organization in just a few clicks. When you make changes within a persona, CLICK automatically applies those changes to all users within that group, making maintenance seamless. You can also update individual accounts within a persona, in instances where one user needs specific tools that their colleagues don’t.Similarly, where native tools only allow you to rebuild WorkSpaces one-by-one, CLICK allows you to perform this operation on a mass scale. This makes larger maintenance projects less time-consuming and easier to navigate.


    1. Built-In Technical Support
      CLICK not only comes with a team of dedicated engineers and customer support professionals to help you solve problems, it also makes it easier for your team to take charge of their own technical support.With CLICK, you can grant your team more limited permissions so they can work on a small set of functionalities without having to escalate support tickets to engineers. This saves time and puts the power in your team’s hands to solve common problems.CLICK also has a self-service portal for end users. This portal includes answers to common troubleshooting questions, to alleviate strain on IT professionals within your team.The foundation of these services are dedicated technologists at SynchroNet who are committed to helping you navigate shifts and updates within AWS, so you can avoid downtime and focus on the task at hand.


    1. Cost Optimization Services
      Because CLICK works with AWS, we know the formulas they use to calculate your WorkSpaces cost. We can help you optimize your accounts on an ongoing basis with a user-friendly dashboard.CLICK’s cost optimization services include CloudWatch metrics, that can calculate how many hours your users user their WorkSpaces to help you optimize your billing mode. CLICK also helps you see what percentage of your WorkSpaces are unused so you can address training needs within your organization.CLICK offers a dashboard feature that greatly improves user experience over WorkSpaces’ native tools. With CLICK’s cost-optimization reports, you can have conversations with leadership about institutional efficiency, training, budgets, and more. In fact, CLICK includes metrics that tell you how many dollars you can save by managing usage patterns – and because of these features, the cost optimization you get from CLICK often pays for itself.


Save Time for Your Team
Though WorkSpaces comes with many incredible native tools, using CLICK simplifies your WorkSpaces management so you can focus less on tech support and more on your mission. With features to optimize costs, improve user experience, and easily navigate patches, CLICK can help your organization stay on track.

To learn more about how CLICK can help you manage your WorkSpaces fleet follow this link.