Bryan Luce, GM of End User Computing shares his knowledge on ways that AWS can enable a more flexible learning environment, create better outcomes and save operational costs using AWS virtual desktop/Device a as Service solutions. Listen to the whole podcast episode here!

Teacher with students

In this podcast, Bryan takes you through the entire AWS virtual desktop value proposition and how you can apply it to the college campus environment. Key topics covered include:

    • An introduction to the key AWS virtual desktop services WorkSpaces and AppStream2.0 
    • How virtual desktops enable access to the most modern computing technologies anywhere, anytime.
    • Why access to cutting edge applications via the lowest cost browser environments can enhance the student experience
    • Reducing dependency on a on-prem datacenter resources and provisioning desktop devices
    • Eliminating physical constraints on class size or composition
    • Quick on-boarding and service startup using specialist resources like SynchroNet
    • Managing and controlling cloud costs without reducing student access

The free podcast is available here:

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