Starting today you may notice an update to your Amazon WorkSpaces Client for version 3.0. 

SynchroNet highly recommends updating

The new version of the client has some heavily requested features you may have been anticipating.  

My personal favorite feature is the ability to create nicknames, or ‘Personalized Labels’, to help distinguish between multiple Amazon WorkSpaces from the client software. 

New Features: 
  • Create Personalized Labels for Registration Codes 
  • New WorkSpaces Client UI 
  • WorkSpaces’ Co-Branding Enhancements 
  • Latest PCoIP Protocol Updates 

The Amazon WorkSpaces Client download page does not include the latest update. If you have not yet installed the Amazon WorkSpaces Client, you will have to install the prior version for your supported operating system here. Once you launch Amazon WorkSpaces Client for the first time, you will receive the option to update to version 3.0. 

Amazon WorkSpaces update

Click ‘Install Update’ to gain access to the latest features. 

What about Linux? Good news, an Ubuntu Amazon WorkSpaces Client was released with version 3.0. The 3.0 client software for Ubuntu has been available longer than for both versions of Windows and macOS.  

What about WSP, the new streaming protocol in beta? In other to access Amazon WorkSpaces created with WSP beta, you must use Windows Amazon WorkSpace Client 3.0. Ubuntu and macOS support for WSP beta will be available in a future release(s). 

For the full Amazon WorkSpaces Press Release, click here.